Terms & Conditions

1. Generally

Gamelodge AG, Rölenweg 5, 5707 Seengen (hereafter referred to as, "operator" or"Gamelodge AG") operates, under the domain crazyblox.com and on the basis of the following terms and conditions, the online- arcade game "Crazyblox".

2. The game

Das The playing field is divided into a grid. At the beginning of the game blocks of three are moving in the bottom row of the grid horizontally from left to right. By pressing the stop-button the blocks stop in their current position. Then the next three blocks move in the row above. These have to be stacked, as accurately as possible, on the underlying three blocks, by pressing the stop-button again, etc. Goal of the game is to stack the blocks in the grid as far up as possible. If the subscriber stops and one or more blocks are not directly over the underlying , they disappear and are accordingly no longer available in the next line. If the participant can’t stack at least one block on an underlying, the game ends at this point. The line in which at least one block has been stacked last, is considered as profit line. How much profit you have in the relevant line, is shown on the right side of the playing field, depending on the selected stake. The difficulty is controlled by the system. This happens via the speed with which the blocks move. It varies depending on different factors, as for example the reached profit level and the present number of blocks. In money game a higher precision is required. Crazyblox is a pure arcade game. There are no elements of luck or random. Speed and skill alone determine success or failure. The participant always has the possibility to test the principle and the operation of the game free of charge. This is done by setting the stake to zero.

3. Registration and Membership

If the participant wants to play with real money, a registration is necessary. There is no age restriction for registration in principle. However, you have to be over 18 to set stakes.

With the registration the participant agrees that:

a) he is aware of the fact, that playing for real money is only permitted if he is at least 18 years old.

b) he is not a citizen of Malta.

c) he is capable of meeting a legally binding agreement the operator.

d) he will not play in a state where playing arcade games for money is prohibited.

e) the money paid to the user account belongs to him and is neither from a criminal or other illegal activity.

f) he is aware that he can lose money by participating in Crazyblox.

g) he is, if he is in Estonia, at least 21 years old.

The participant shall ensure that the law in force that he is subject to does not prohibit playing the game Crazyblox or generally the participation in arcade games. All information the participant makes in his registration shall be accurate and complete. The operator must be notified immediately if the given date change. The operator reserves the right to terminate the member account for an important reason, to close the account and if necessary, take legal action if misleading, incorrect or incomplete information are given. Already achieved wins expire. Only one member account per participant can be created. The operator reserves the right to ensure compliance with this requirement by checking e-mail addresses, postal addresses or other personal information. The operator is entitled to immediately close all of the participants related player accounts and to exclude the participant from further participation in case of violation. Effected payment will be refunded after the reversal period of the used payment method and after deducting a reasonable administration fee. The participant must not give his access information to any third party or give third parties access to his account in any other way. In case of violation, the participant takes all the resulting consequences, and holds the operator free of caused damage. The participant receives no interest for money paid to the account. The operator reserves the right to refuse the registration of a member in its sole discretion and without giving reasons.

4. Playing with real money

Upon completion of registration, the adult participant has the possibility to charge his credit account with real money. There are various means of payment. The minimum amount per charge is $ 15.00. All monetary amounts (deposits, profits) are summarized in the credit account. If the credit account has sufficient funds, the participant can adjust his stake before the game by pressing "+" or "-". The adjusted amount will be automatically deducted from your account when the game is started.

a) cash prizes

In a game with stake the participant can win real money, unless he reaches a winning line with cash prizes. How high the monetary gain in the respective profit line is, is displayed to the right of it. It is displayed in the relevant currency.
The decisive factor for winning is always the profit line, in which last at least one block has been stacked. The win display on the right will always be illuminated according to the achieved profit. If the participant has reached a winning line with monetary gain, the amount is credited to the account at the end of the game. Then, if desired, a new game can be started.

b) loss

If the participant plays with stake and does not reach a win line with money or bonus points win, its stake is lost. In this case, after the match, no credits will be made to the player account.

5. Payment of winnings

Positive credits on the credit account can be paid out at any time. The minimum amount per withdrawal is $ 15.00. A fixed booking of $ 1.00 is due per payment. The payout is made to a PayPal account, which is registered of the participant. Prior to initial disbursement, the participant has to proof his identity. Therefore he needs to upload a suitable, easy to read identification document (ID card, passport or similar). The upload can be directly made on the website under the menu item "pay out credits". The processing is usually done between 2-4 workdays. Once the identity has been verified by the operator, the subscriber receives an email. If this was positive, the participant can apply for payments to his PayPal account from that date on. If the transmitted document may be insufficient, another more suitable document has to be uploaded first. If bonus points were given on deposit, it´s only possible to withdraw, if you´ve staken the bought credits at least once. If there is a reasonable suspicion of fraudulent use of a membership, the operator reserves the right to await the period of chargeback, depending on the previously selected form of payment.

6. Bonus point catalog

a) Bonus points

Besides cash prizes there are so called bonus points to win. Profit lines with bonus points are market on the right side with the corresponding value (P). If the game ends with a bonus point profit line, the reached bonus points will be credited to the bonus point account. If the participant has collected enough bonus points he can redeem them in the prize catalog against various rewards. Getting a cash payout of bonus points is not possible. Accumulated, unredeemed bonus points automatically expire after 30 days, if in this period of time no new bonus point is added. The participant will be notified via email one week before his bonus points expire. In case of bonus promotion, free bonus points can be obtained. These remain only if the user plays with the charged credit. If credit was charged and free bonus points were credited, these will be deducted again if afterwards a request for cash payout of the before charged amount of money is sent. (Abuse protection)

b) Bonus point catalog

The collected bonus points can be redeemed directly in the bonus point catalog on the Crazyblox website. Different products are offered. Each of them is marked with a bonus point value, for which it can be redeemed. The redemption can only take place if sufficient points for the desired product were collected on the bonus point account. The offered products change in indefinite time intervals. Therefore only the currently in the catalog available products can be chosen. Returns and exchanges of redeemed products is not possible. A Payout of credits from bonus point encashment can only be processed if it has been used in the game at least once.

7. Termination

Either party can terminate the contract at any time with immediate effect without giving reasons. The notice should be sent by e-mail to the customer service. The remaining balance will be transferred to the users PayPal account if the conditions, mentioned above at point 5, are given.

8. Prohibition of abuse

Abusive behavior in connection with the website of the operator is forbidden. These include in particular the attempt to decompile software used on the website or develop software that interferes with the platform used on the client-server communication. To use software that allows the use of artificial intelligence or giving the participant some other advantage, which goes beyond his human skills. The operator uses visible and invisible technical mechanisms to detect and prevent abuse and manipulation. If the operator determines any abuse or an attempt to it, the players account is blocked immediately and existing credits are frozen. Similarly, the participant has to expect a permanent exclusion from all sites of the operator, and if necessary the operator reserves the right to institute civil or criminal proceedings against him. The operator is not liable for Game impairments which are beyond his control. This is especially true for interruptions of the Internet connection of the participant to our secure server.

9. Liability

The operator is liable for culpable violation of contractual obligation, and for other damages that were caused by his gross negligence or willful misconduct. The operator is liable only to the typical foreseeable damage, in case of a simple negligent violation of essential contractual obligations. The liability of the operator in the event of death or for damage to body and health remains unaffected by these conditions and terms.

10. Severance clause

If any provision of these conditions is invalid by law or a judicial decision, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

11. Applicable Law

These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of Switzerland.