Quick Guid

What is Crazyblox?

Crazyblox is an exciting online arcade game, which can either be played for fun and free or with real money and the chance to win.

How does Crazyblox work?

Crazyblox is quite simple: After starting the game, the blocks run back and forth in the playing field. Your goal is to stack the blocks on top of the underlying blocks by pressing the stop button at the right time.

Stacked blocks are available again for use on the next line; blocks that are not stacked are lost. The higher you stack, the higher your profit!

You see the winning ad to the right of the playing field. The profit factor is shown here, which is multiplied with the previously selected stake in the case of a money game. The colored values are always for cash prize or prize multiplier, the white ones for the bonus points.

The account balances for assets (USD) and for the collected bonus points (P) can be seen to the left of the game screen. The desired stake per game can be set on the bottom left of the screen.

If the stake is set to > 0, the winning ad on the right automatically shows how high the profit in that row is when the game ends (profit line). The final profit line is the highest row where blocks have been stacked.

How much does it cost to play Crazyblox?

You can register for free at Crazyblox and play for free as often as you like, 100% cost- and risk-free.

Or charge your credit account and play for real money prizes, excitement guaranteed!

What prizes can be won at Crazyblox?

If you have charged your credit account and are playing for money you can either multiply your stake (x1, x2, x5, x10, x100) or collect bonus points. With a stake of only $ 1.00, therefore, a gain of up to $ 100.00 of your stake is possible.

Collected bonus points can be redeemed in our rewards catalog.

System requirements

Our game uses the latest web technologies, so your computer should meet certain basic requirements. For an undisturbed and fluid sequence of the game we recommend:

-Dual Core Prozessor
-4 GB of RAM
-256 MB video card
-the latest operating system (Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.6)
-the latest browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
-Aktuelle Version des Adobe Flash Players (min. 10.2)
-Stable and fast Connection (min DSL 1000)
-For better control, we recommend the use of a mouse

Hint: Simultaneously running programs can impair your computer and connection performance.

Please note, for security reasons a permanent connection to our security server is required. It must not be interrupted, even briefly. A stable connection is strongly recommended.